Organic Kombucha


Booch Organic Kombucha is an Ontario craft Kombucha brewery making tradition healing kombucha with a new age twist. Low in sugar made with 100% organic whole fruits, roots, flowers, herbs, botanicals, barks, fungi, and seasonal wild-crafted ingredients. Fermented probiotic for your gut health.

Old Fashioned
Crisp & fruity, with apple undertones.

Raspberry Lemonade
Tangy yet sweet. A bright pink "lemonade-tea"

Cherry Hibiscus
A tart, cherry blend with bright lemon undertones

Cinnamon Rose
Floral notes with berry and cinnamon undertones

Peppermint Nettle
A cool, minty, and Invigorating tonic 

Chaga Chai
Warm & fragrant; a light “chai tea” new age tonic of goodness 

Citrus Twist
A zesty, fresh, and energizing citrus blend 

Organic blackberries, organic chamomile, organic echinacea, organic butterfly pea flower (to name a few)