Our Story

We launched Rooster Coffeehouse in 2009, Dec 21. The first day of winter on what was a sleepy little stretch of Broadview. I personally remember being terrified to turn that sign to OPEN. My partner Dave had to nudge me along...he said kindly, “Lets just unlock the door.... if someone comes in, we will make them a coffee.”
With a turn of the latch, it began.
Living right next door, we built our little flagship together with friends and neighbors. Fumbling our way through, we slowly built a literal extension of our home. With every step, one thing was clear, we wanted to create a welcoming space and fill it with love, connections, community, giggles (lots of giggles) and top it off with beautiful and excellent things to offer everyone.
So many years later, and two more locations added to the flock, our philosophy has not changed with each shop having been built to reflect the community it would serve. We still aim to be welcoming and warm, to provide the best of what we can source locally, and above all to offer this with love and kindness. After all, when you build a little extension of your home, it is always where your heart is.

From our hearts to yours, we thank you so much for coming by.

Shawn, Dave, and Jay


Shawn and Dave
Born in small towns, Guelph and Barrie, and later finding each other when they worked in the Toronto film industry, they made the leap into the coffee world together. Bringing with them the small-town values they were raised with and cherished to help create their beloved Roosters.

Also having his small-town roots and values transplanted from Sudbury. Jay was Roosters first employee and started working with the Rooster 3 days after it opened. Dec 2009. He has been a cornerstone to the growth and success of Rooster Coffee ever since. Jay is a musician, with over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry and 40 plus years experience in the good human industry he is just simply part of the heart and soul that makes Rooster, .... Rooster.