Galerie Chocolate Bars Fair Trade, Organic, Non GMO Series


Maple Crunch
Its Chocolate with little crunchy bits of real Canadian Maple 
Kosher, Organic

Bold Espresso
Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Bar with espresso ground coffee made with Fine Belgian Chocolate and the finest ingredients with no preservatives. This chocolate bar has 72% Cocoa.
Fair Trade, Kosher, Organic

Crisped Rice
Milk Chocolate, Crispy little crunchy bits of toasted Rice 
Fair Trade, Kosher, Organic, Nut-Free

Sea Salt
Addictively delicious.
Dairy Free, Fair Trade, Kosher, Organic

Fue Fire
Its one of those chocolate bars you want to stop.. but you cant. (not for the faint of heart) 🌶🌶🌶
Dairy Free, Kosher, Organic, Spicy, Dark Chocolate

Almond and Sea Salt 
A modern take on the classic chocolate covered almond treat, this bar heightens the richness of this classic duo by adding the savoury element of sea salt to elevate each flavour.  

Kosher, Organic, Soy free, Delicious