Mar 17, 2014

Free drinks, amazing music! Feels like summer to us!!!

Finally they are here!! A chance to thank you for all your continued support! ...and to pay it forward to some AMAZING local musicians! While you earn your free drink we want to brighten your day with some local Canadian Music. Click on our music page and take a listen!


Mar 2, 2012

Jay gets his closeup :)

BlogTo's "Get to Know a Barista" has been a mixed bag for the site. Many of the past profiles attracted lots of hate-filled comments, followed by editor deletions and further proof that curated comments are the future of the Internet :)

We bring this up because our very own Jay is the latest profile and the worst that people can say about him is "dude, cut your hair." ;)

Nice going, Jay. You're the best!


Feb 14, 2012

We're Kiki's new BFF :)

A lovely review from Kiki's BFF (Beauty, Fashion, Food) blog!

Thanks Kiki!


Feb 7, 2012

'Snowbird' by Kathleen Edwards featuring Bahamas

Rooster regular Kathleen Edwards performs a jaw droppingly beautiful duet with Bahamas (Afie Jurvanen) @ The CBC. 


Jan 21, 2012

Jay's Icy Morning Pics :)

Jay snapped these this morning on the patio. 

We keep two tables out there for the hearty :)


Jan 9, 2012

Dexter Found!

Dexter was returned to its owners! Yay!


Jan 1, 2012

Dexter the Dog: Help!

Newsflash: "Dexter" the dog pictured below got spooked by the fireworks last night and ran away from his home at 106 Langley Avenue. Responds to his name, please call 416 463 4597 if you spot him. Thanks guys!


Dec 8, 2011

We've decided as a store to help out the "Be a Santa to Seniors" program this year. Its premise is rather simple: Giving gifts to seniors who are alone at Christmas. You come in to The Rooster, you select an "ornament" with a gift request (usually basics like pajamas, or pet supplies, or toiletries) printed on the back, go and purchase the gift, return it to us, and then a volunteer from the organization delivers the gift the senior on the 20th or 21st of December. Voila! Instant happiness on both sides. You have until December 19th to join in, so if you feel inclined, pop in and Help Out a Senior! Ask us in store next time you're in.


Oct 31, 2011

John Smith on Spooky Night

All star Rooster baristas Jay and Kenny, and fellow John Smith bandmate Chavin (on the far left), sent us this great iphone snap of their pre-Halloween Saturday night par-tay. 

The boys will be performing tonight at Sneaky Dee's at 7:30 if you want to see some zombie hardcore in action! Preview/buy their first single here


Oct 17, 2011

Rooster Hits The Road!...Well, to Montcrest, which is just up the road....

Jay and Shawn loaded up the scooter and headed up Broadview to help Montcrest celebrate its 50th Anniversary on the weekend. If you have en event you'd like us to help you with, drop us a note. In the meantime, some pics:


Oct 14, 2011

"Solar Roses: paintings on electronic canvas"

As David Hockney displays his recent works for the iPad at the Royal Ontario Museum, Canadian visual artist Renata Janiszewska broadens the possibilities of the electronic canvas with her exhibition Solar Roses, which is showing in the shop until October 24th.

From Renata's press release:

"The subjects in Solar Roses are fantastic, playful, original and utilize colour in a highly expressive way. They include flowers, faces, and creatures, created using multiple apps, and entirely original techniques. Janiszewska has used electronic photo frames to display some of the works; the rest can be viewed on her iPad. She is available daily at the Rooster to answer questions."

More information about the show is here.

Renata will be at the shop from 5:30-7pm daily during the run of the show and from 9-5 on weekends. 

Check it out!


Sep 14, 2011

Presale of Super Award Winning Coffee starting....NOW

Bizarre Foods Andrew Zimmerman declared this coffee "insane". Wired Magazine recently wrote a full length article describing it in full gush

"His name is Arnulfo Leguizamo, and his beans possess the acidity of passion fruit marked by splendid notes of apricot, lemongrass, jasmine, and tamarind. The liquor has a creamy, lingering, caramel flavor mellowed by hints of wild honey — and brings home a whopping score of 94.05."

Arnulfo Leguizamo won the coveted 2011 Cup of Excellence for this Columbian 100% caturra liquid gold, and now we have it on pre-sale on the shop! Come in and ask us about it in a really low, knowing voice :)

A half pound goes for $35, which is super reasonable if you consider that if you were to have a Robert Parker 95++ wine, you'd pay three to four times that for the experience. So come in and try a next level coffee!



Aroma: baked sugar 

Taste: Jasmine, tamarind, apricot, wild honey

Finish: notably sweet from beginning to end

Varietal 100% caturra

Processing: washed

Altitude: 1841m


Jun 15, 2011

Michie's Birthday

Yesterday was Michie's birthday. The darling from Japan has so many admirers, the day was long before the well-wishing stopped. The ScheinFamily brought great, little cupcakes early in the day which was a very nice touch, and then later we decamped to Globe on the Danforth, for a steady diet of wine and champagne tasting, along with various platters of happiness. Michie ate the slowest, a reflection of how deeply she tasted the treats and appreciated the moment. 

Conversation flowed easily, as always, as we discussed the cultural differences between our two fine countries, and watched the brilliant sunshine of The Danforth through Globe's big front window. After dessert, we stumbled back down to The Rooster for a hit of espresso, and off we went into the sunset. A magical day. 

Happy Birthday Michie, you're the best! :)


May 27, 2011

Some Kind of Awesome.

Look at the picture above, and please tell me, especially if you know Kenny and Jay, whether this isn't the most awesome photo ever ( that was never made into a movie called "Almost Famous.")?

I could have posted some photos of smiling children and brooding dogs, but this seemed too, too perfect. Apparently Kenny is quite "sleepy". Hmm.

Anyway, two one-of-a-kind guys that intersected with our favourite coffee shop. 

Life is great, no? :)


May 26, 2011

Say "Hi" to new barista Mike.

Mike McCourt, our fly new barista, isn't just a sweet and talented man in the realm of coffee. He's a serious skateboarder who images and videos are littered across the Interwebs. There's a nice profile of him here, and his own site is here

He is apparently famous in the skate world for refusing to please his sponsor, and keeping the word "sellout" out of his personal vocabulary. Too bad, the FloBee is ready for a restart and he seemed the perfect guy. 

Anyway, he told us not to post any corny photos of him so I decided to post a photo of our friend and close neighbour Thai-By-Prasai's Curry Pad Thai, because it's really yummy and then Mike won't hate me. Take a look at this photo of Mike if you want to see what he might do to you if you cross him.  :P

Welcome Mike! (And please support Thai-By-Prasai! They're just over the Gerrard bridge, west of River, just a few minutes walk from us.)


May 16, 2011

Movies in The Park.

Nicole from Movies in The Park sent us the new lineup for this summer. They do movies in the park for charity. Very cool idea. Check out more on their website


Lauren's Birthday.

Rooster Barista Lauren turned (editor's note: no idea, don't care, none of my beeswax) yesterday. She agreed to pose for this ridiculous picture because she is a) good fun at a party, b) available for jumping-out-of-a-cake parties, and c) tremendously aware of the power of irony to keep busy coffee shifts on the good fun rails. 

So, with this in mind, we wish her a very Happy Birthday, knowing full well she will slice and dice this blog post after-the-fact, and continue to be the diva we know she is. 


(Pic by Kenny Phone and Shawn 1)


Mar 14, 2011

A few words about Michie and the tragedy in Japan

Many people have wondered if Michie's family was affected by the tragedy in Japan, so we thought we'd post a note saying that her family is safe and sound. Her sister lives in Tokyo with her husband and kids, and though there were more than a few fearful moments, they're all fine. Everyone else in her family is also fine, though as of this morning, not suprisingly, Michie confessed that she was very sad about the enormity of suffering of all the people who have been affected. 

Thanks to all that have offered her kind words, and please continue to do so, as she has been gratified by all the good thoughts and consideration coming from her adopted country. 

If you feel at all compelled to help, here's the Red Cross's website


Feb 1, 2011

Te Aro hosting tasting event/fundraiser

Our friends-in-arms Te Aro are having a Down Under Espresso Tasting Event on February 11th at their Queen East location (983 Queen East at Carlaw). 

Here's a rundown of the event: 

"You may think New Zealand and Australia is jandals and Vegemite and buzzybees, and everyone is just chilling on the beach saying weird things like "sweet as" and "cuzzy bro." 

What you may not know is that New Zealand and Australia are home to some of the world's best baristas and roasters, and both countries have vibrant and innovative coffee culture.

Don't believe us? Still think they're all fighting crocodiles and riding kangaroos, not pulling expert shots and roasting delicious beans? We will open your eyes to the glory of Down Under coffee at our Espresso Tasting event. Sample espresso from top roasters, eat exotic delicacies (from Desmond and Beatrice), and drink beer (generously donated by Steamwhistle), and donate a few dollars to Coffee Kids, an amazing organization that supports families working and living on coffee farms."

More info/RSVP, via their Facebook page

Editor's note: Shawn, why are Andy and Jessie in Guatamala, and we're/I'm not?Just asking (cough, raise/travel)